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Hampton Roads Chiropractic
Dr. Scott E. Olney


Pain Relief Chiropractic Services in Newport News, VA

Hampton Roads Chiropractic based in Newport News, VA is a full service Chiropractic Clinic, providing spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, acupuncture and dry needle therapy. The variety of chiropractic techniques we use for our patients include the usual diversified hands on spinal manipulative procedures taught at all chiropractic colleges. We also specialize in the following chiropractic procedures:
Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy using a diverse range of hands-on spinal manipulation techniques.
Flexion Distraction which is a type of intersegmental traction for disc herniations and ruptures.
Activator technique - this is a small hand held instrument utilized for a more gentle approach to spinal manipulation.
Man experiencing neck and back pains - Chiropractor in Newport New, VA
Physiotherapy Modalities like electrical muscle stimulation, traction and cryotherapy. Along with PT procedures like myofascial release, range of motion and exercises.
Woman having a shoulder blade therapy - Chiropractor in Newport New, VA
Acupuncture for Pain Management - Some of the chronic diseases that acupuncture has worked well in pain management are Lupas, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Migraine Headaches and Reducing Tonitis ( Ringing in the ears).
Myofascial Release - which can be used for both spinal joints and upper or lower extremities.
Dry Needle Therapy - Which is a type of Acupuncture therapy based on trigger point treatment